Can I reply to your Direct Message on Instagram?

I used to be able to answer any questions via Direct Message on Instagram but, currently I receive 100-400 messages a day and a lot of messages go unanswered. You can reach me easier on my twitter

"It takes me 3 hours a day to answer direct messages, but I will try to answer as best as I can just for you."

If you want a one-to-one with me, where I give you personalised tips & tricks on how to grow your account, then please have a look at my Consultation Service.

How to make money on Instagram?

I'm currently working on making a series of videos with (1 Season, 10 Episodes) on my youtube channel. It will explain all the methods of making money on Instagram in detail. Planning to launch this by mid 2019. Tap your email at the bottom of this page to be kept updated. The first thing I will do when I launch this is to email everyone

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How to increase followers?

Honestly, there is no way to answer this question in 2 sentences. A lot of things need to come together for this to happen. If you're really determined then I recommend going through all of my Instagram posts and also my secret blog posts. You will know exactly what to do. Please note: I don't deal with fake followers, and you shouldn’t either.

I have compiled all of the tips & tricks I have ever posted on this Youtube Playlist.

How to increase engagement?

Engagement is the likes and comments you have on a post. The algorithm has changed the game but, we can actually make algorithm our friend. Again, just go through the videos on my Instagram page and also my secret blog posts.

What softwares and apps do I use?

I've made a full list of what I use and how I use it right here

Can I give you a shoutout?

Sure, I'm not a shoutout page but, I can review your product/profile and give you some exposure. I reach 1,000,000 people a month in India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States and some Arab countries. My demographic is predominantly male aged 18-24. The females on my account comment and engage more. 

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Can I follow you?

If you're reading this then I've most probably looked through your profile already, and if I wanted to follow you, I would have. I don't follow accounts if they aren't providing value to me in their posts and you shouldn't want anyone following you who isn't there for your content. Would you subscribe to a Youtube channel if they don't post videos you benefit from?

This doesn't mean I don't like you. It just means I wouldn't enjoy your posts in my feed. However, if we're regularly chatting then I've most probably flagged you :)