Learn videography for free by starting to watch videos online. Here I have compiled a list of videos for you to get started

  1. 5 simple tips & tricks to shoot better
    This is a tutorial by Jonathan Morrison. He starts off talking about white balance and then carries on giving really good tips. Useful for camera work

  2. How to shoot without a team
    This video gives you a bunch of tips on how you can start creating content on your own

  3. Basic Cinematography
    In this video, FilmRiot explains cinematography and jumps into the basic aspects of lighting and setup

  4. Bad shot vs Good shot
    In this video DSLRguide goes through step-by-step how to take a bad shot and turn it into the "film look"

  5. How to compose a shot
    Mastering composition and cinematography with Will Smith

  6. Framing and pre-production
    How to make your shots look professional. Talking about not just colour grading but some of the other aspects of production that a lot of people don't talk about

  7. Casey Neistat's tips
    If you want to get into videography you definitely need to know who Casey is. In this video Casey gives us some beginner tips

  8. Using household items to make films
    Sometimes things can be done on a bootstrap budget. Sometimes we don't need a budget at all - because you can find items to level up your production at home

  9. Camera movements
    How to move through the shot to tell the story you're trying to tell in a creative way

  10. Bonus: Filmmaker reacts to camera techniques
    This isn't really a tutorial but it's a really good video that shows how creative videographers can get.