Hey guys! This is going to be the most simple job description ever. You know me - I like making things easy. I need someone to help me sell services. No experience needed. I'm looking for individuals who can take a task and teach themselves how to get shit done

The role

Selling my services to accountants, legal professionals, e-commerce stores and individuals. (Hint: click on services to see what I can offer them)

The package

£10,000 annual salary (or your currency's equivalent). No fixed hours, work from home, unlimited holidays. Just hit the targets

The requirements

No experience or education needed. I believe hustle is a natural given gift and everyone should be given a chance to prove their worth. You don't even need to send me your CV.

Ever heard this quote? "actions speak louder than words". Well, this is what I am going to let you do. Show me you're good at sales. I am only selecting candidates from my affiliate program. That is the only way to apply. You can join my affiliate program by clicking here.

Next steps

Join the affiliate program and I will email you more details on how to start making sales. Once you make enough sales I will contact you and give you more details