If you haven't heard of my Instagram Audit service then please click here to learn more. Once you receive your Audit, use this page to grasp what the keywords mean. Each category is explained and all points are awarded from 1 - 7 (1 being the lowest and 7 the highest). At the end, this is how the Grade is calculated.

Please note that content is the most important category thus, while calculating, I include the score twice. This means that a good content score can carry you grade up and a bad content score can damage it even if the other categories score high.

Grade Points
A* 7
A 6
B 5
C 4
D 3
E 2
F 1



Quality: This is calculated by looking at the resolution and lighting of the last 15 posts. Nothing to do with the value the posts provide, just the quality of how each posts look. Rated based on judgement.

Uniqueness: This is how uncommon the content is. For example, a meme page would rank really low whereas an account focused purely on pictures of towels would rank highly. The way the content is delivered is also taken into account. For example, there are lots of quote pages, but not a lot of quote pages that include animated typography within the posts. This is calculated by judgment. 1 - 3 points for how unique the content is and 1 - 4 points on how unique the method of delivery is.

Frequency: How often is a photo/video posted looking at the last 3 weeks. 1 times a week = 1 point. Maintain 7+ per week to score 7

Value: Calculated by how much the post teaches, how humorous it is or how much emotion it can potentially invoke. Rated based on judgement.


Feed: How good does the feed look over the last 15 posts. Rated based on judgement.

Bio: How does the biography look. How easily it explains what the profile is about and how relevant it is. Rated based on judgement.

Display Pic: How clear and relevant the display picture is. How much does it represent the company/personal brand. Rated based on judgement.

Highlights: How much value is provided within the highlights. How relevant they are and how entertaining. Rated based on judgement.


Replies: How well are comments replied to. How well is a conversation sparking. How much value they have. Rated based on judgement. 1-5 points on conversation and 1-2 points on value.

Ratio: Do the posts receive an appropriate amount of likes compared to the size of the account. How genuine is the engagement. Rated based on analysis. Accounts should receive 5-10% likes depending on their size.

Captions: How much value do the captions provide. Do they have a clear call to action. For example, if the post is a question, does the caption clearly request an answer. Rated based on judgement.

Relevance: How much do the replies and captions relate to the topic/niche of the profile. How relevant are the comments that are being received, are they genuine. Rated based on judgement.