Before you continue reading, please note that I am not a Social Media Agency - I'm a Consultant that can fix your problems. I will be able to get you to your goal more effectively. Using relatively less time and less resources than you would have without me. If I do my job correctly, I'll be saving you more than what you pay me.

Problems I can fix for Social Media Agencies

  • How get your client Instagram followers using authentic paid strategies - without automation softwares, fake followers and/or bots
  • What sort of content should you create for your client and how to make it engaging
  • How to distribute that content using creative ad tools, so it gets authentic reach
  • If your client has a big following, how to use it effectively for return on investment
  • How to use Instagram's new features to stay ahead of new trends and ahead of your client's competitors

Additional problems I can fix for Businesses & Brands

  • How to have better Social Media channels that your competitors
  • Goal setting for Social Media. What should your business use social media for; Sales? Hiring talent? Customer service? Advertising? All of these things? None of these things?
  • Budget allocation for social media. Would you benefit by spending more on ads or should you rather spend more on creating content
  • Do you need a social media agency or would you benefit more from an in-house team
  • Regular in-house social media team training so they keep on top of new features and how to use them