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Do you lose more followers than you gain every time you post?

Do you wake up in the morning hopeful that your previous post got a few more views overnight but sadly, no extra views, no new comments (except shady accounts that are clearly bots) and instead of getting new followers, you actually lost some more

Do you use 10-20 hashtags on every post and still don't see proper growth?

Are your competitors growing faster than you even though they have an inferior product/service?

Do you want a predictable 'turn-key' way of getting more followers? 

the 10k in 10 weeks formula is the most efficient way to get followers at will

I promise that this will not only get you lots of new followers, but it will grow your community very quickly. You'll be getting at least 100 new followers from the third day of turning on the switch

So what is "10k in 10 weeks"?

It's a course I've designed that guarantees results

7 modules designed to spoon feed complex information. I'm going to literally hold your hand through the whole course, step by step, so you know exactly how to grow your audience. A total of 31 lessons. All with action points at the end to take you one step closer to your goal

Module 1
Gets you setup and organised for the rest of the course

Module 2
Explains how to get unlimited content ideas so you never run out of content to post

Module 3
Is all about strategy. How do you take ideas and tactics and put them into action

Module 4
How to create content and if you're not already a content creator; the best resources to learn it all

Module 5
When you're ready, how to open the floodgates and show your content to as many people as you can handle

Module 6
Reels and how to implement them into your strategy (coming soon)

Module 7
How to improve your content and distribution strategies so you're always one step ahead of your competition

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6-month access. 365-days money back guarantee.

what you get when you buy 10k in 10 weeks course today

How to find and attract your target audience and build a mass following of fans fast

How to setup your profile so profile visitors convert to followers

How to come up with content ideas and never get stuck again

How to structure and edit your content so it retains more viewers

How to run ads from within Instagram and via the Meta Business Manager

How to run ads with the "profile visitor" CTA but still use lookalike and custom audiences (advanced targeting)

+ exclusive bonuses!

If you join 10k in 10 weeks today, I will include the following bonuses (not available anywhere else) FREE. So in addition to the 10K in 10 Weeks training, you will also be getting:

Bonus #1


As a bonus, when you join today, you will get access to the 10K in 10 Weeks private group & Discord. You can even find likeminded people to collaborate with. Managed by myself, this is where you can go to get on-going help as you build your Instagram empire. Yours FREE as a bonus when you join today.

Bonus #2

£200 Instagram Audit x 5

I've have seen other companies charging up to £300 for this service but I've have decided to include this as a free bonus just for you. Once you update your account as per the training, just let me know and I will conduct an account audit on your Instagram account. I will review your account and give you feedback, tips and advice for faster growth. Limit of 5 audits per customer.

one or more bonuses expiring soon! Don't miss out

365-days money back


My 365-Day Guarantee gives you a full year to try out the course, risk-free. I'm so confident that you will get results that I'll give you an entire calendar year to complete the course and implement the teachings. And if you’re not PUMPED with your results within a year despite doing the work, I'll give you a full refund. No terms & conditions or hidden fees. Nothing. Just do the course and if you don't get results that make you want to jump up and down you'll get every penny back

Who am I?

and why should you listen to me?

Well, my name is Asad. I'm just a normal guy that lives with his wife in Solihull, UK

My day job is running a social media agency called Huddle Duck. We specialise in growth campaigns.

I'm not claiming to be an Instagram expert. I believe no one can truly be a social media expert because mastery takes a long long time and social media platforms change nearly every month.

As a student I have my ear to the ground and test every new tactic, hack or technique that claims to be the 'best' way to grow on Instagram.

My profile as you can see is on 26.1k right now and it can grow at the speed of 200 followers per day if I turn on the switch and open the flood gates.

The followers don't stop coming. I can easily get to 100k+ if I carry on. The only reason I stop at 20-30k is because the community gets too big for me to manage.

I can't - as a one man army - handle that many followers. I like a smaller more inclusive community where I get to reply to every comment, every DM and actually know my audience.

But trust me when I say, if it works for me, a non-model average looking guy from the UK, it can work for any industry or niche. 

All you need to do is follow every instruction and complete all action points I've highlighted in the course.

Some of the celebrities that follow me on Instagram or that I have consulted in the past

@dananeerr 2.3m

I actually don't know why she is still following me. She started when she wasn't famous and I guess she used to consume my content. And now she is super famous

@thegoodquote 24m

Yeah, I haven't missed a decimal there. These guys have 24,000,000+ followers and it made my day when they DM'd me on IG. This gives me confidence in my teachings. I love helping people

@norrisfrederick 293k

Got to consult Norris on a particular problem he was having (it's a secret problem I can't tell you about). All is sorted now and I am sure he is going to get bigger than ever

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Join today to take advantage of the extra bonuses. To be clear: you will always be able to join 10K in 10 Weeks - I update the course frequently (new update due in a couple of months) but you will miss out on the exclusive bonuses. I promise you, that combination of bonuses is never coming back. Never. Ever.

here is a review from one of my students

Here is exactly how I will change your life

Ok maybe not your life but, definitely your Instagram journey

  • The course breaks everything down to bitesize actionable points. I will spoon feed complex information that is easy to digest
  • Not only will I teach you my own tactics, you’ll have all the sources of information and data so you can make your own timeless strategies even without paying for an expert. You will become your own strategist and your own consultant
  • Never run out of content ideas ever again. Know exactly what you’re going to post next. I know my next 10-20 posts at all times. It completely takes away the stress of content creation when you know exactly what you need to do
  • When you know exactly what you're going to post next you get a surprising amount of confidence. You become almost fearless in front of the camera (if that's where you want to be)
  • You’ll never need to hire a social media agency or a marketing firm and you’ll save thousands every week. 
  • I’ll teach you how to always improve your ads and content. Know exactly how to read your data and how to make marketing decisions based on numbers
  • Facebook and Instagram change frequently, for this reason, I update the course with refreshed tutorials and lessons. These will be free for life. No matter what new feature Facebook or Instagram add. New module on reels coming up (which will be free for you)
  • There is no monthly fee for this course. Just a one-off fee that gives lifetime access so you can do it at your own pace
  • Sometimes it gets hard to get in touch with me - my DMs get crowded. Good news is that all course members get added to an exclusive group. There you have me all to yourself. Currently there are only 30 people in that group and I always have notifications turned on.
  • Access to me and everyone else doing the course so even though you'll be doing this course from home, you'll never feel alone
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"I’ve already bought Instagram courses and none of them work for me"

I’ve been there. I’ve also bought a stupid amount of books and courses. And a lot of them were filled with fluff knowledge. What I’ve done for you here is complied all the tactics and strategies that worked for me over the past 7 years. I’ve researched everything there is about instagram and constantly update my knowledge as the platform evolves. I can confidently promise that this course will be different. If you don’t get excited by the results my strategies generate, there is a 365-day 100% money back guarantee you can take advantage of. The promise isn’t “you will see results or your money back” the promise is “you will be excited by your results or your money back”

"I can get so many tactics on YouTube for free, why should I pay for your course?"

YouTube has a lot of knowledge and you can learn anything from building houses to growing bonsai trees. But when it comes to the fast paced world of marketing, the problem is there is too much knowledge. My course provides a step-by-step method that guarantees results. You will also have me by your side to help you if you ever get stuck. YouTube videos can’t provide regular support and guarantees

"Great, you’ll get me followers but they don’t equal sales. How will I profit form this course?"

Followers don’t equal sales you’re right. However they provide the most efficient way to generate warm leads and customers. If you’re trying to sell something to someone who doesn’t even know you, you won’t see much success. This is the reason you’re not getting more clients and customers. You need to build a relationship with your customers before you sell anything to them. And getting them to follow you and watch your regular content is the best way to do this. It’s much easier to sell to someone who has been watching your content daily for 3-months. They trust you. This is where you will see an insane return on investment

"why is there no module dedicated to reels?"

I recorded this version of the course when reels were just coming out and I wouldn't add them to the course because Facebook changes features so quickly. It also takes time for a feature to mature. I didn’t know if reels was going to be another IGTV (remember that?) or something that takes over the platform’s main growth strategies. Truth is, Reels has now become the main part of Instagram content consumption. For this reason I am going to add a new Reels module. You will not be charged extra for any new updates (reels or any other new feature Instagram adds)

"What about algorithm changes?"

Luckily, the strategies I teach in the course do not rely on the algorithm to make us go viral. We focus purely on driving paid traffic to generate profile visitors and then making sure we have content good enough to convert visitors to followers. This means even thought we're "hacking" growth and are using sneaky tricky tactics, our method is timeless

"You want me to buy the course and then also spend money on ads?"

Yes, running ads to generate real, authentic and predictable traffic to your profile is one of the key phases of this course. There are free ways to get more visitors to your profile but they are dwarfed by the amount of followers you’ll get if you use my special ad technique. We use a secret tactic to use lookalike audience from within Instagram that no one else is teaching (trust me, I’ve checked). It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on ads anyway because you’re either a business that wants to get followers to get more customers or you’re someone who’s just building a personal brand. Either way you’ll generate revenue directly or indirectly from your followers. You’ll be an authority in your industry; getting you more customers, clients and job offers than you can handle 


Wow you're still reading and still haven't made the decision and clicked "join now". Is there anything I've missed? Do you still have questions? Tell me how I can help. DM me on Instagram @mr.asadshah and I'm sure I can give you the confidence you need to take the plunge

Remember; as business owners we love what we do and most of the time, we get dragged into working in our business than on our business. Most of our time should be spent in the Marketing department and the Sales department. But unfortunately, we're stuck trying to do day-to-day tasks and focus less on growing our community and growing our business.

Now is the chance for you to rectify that. 10k in 10 weeks is a relatively small course that give you a sharp edge when competing with your competitors. Fall in love with your craft again by creating content and giving value

It's time to make new friends, get new customers and curate a huge following. Good luck :)