Remove Ghost Followers

£ 55


Even the biggest and the best Instagram accounts will only have 10% engagement rate. So why do we need the other 90%? We don't. 

Allow me to introduce you to our ghost followers removal service. All we need to know is the level of cleansing you prefer

You have 3 different levels of unengaged followers:

Super-strict Regardless of display picture Active & Inactive Not liking or commenting
Strict Regardless of display picture Inactive Not liking or commenting
Lenient No display picture Inactive Not liking or commenting


How to buy

Step 1. Click add to cart and type Instagram username in the notes
Step 2. Proceed to the checkout and complete payment
Step 3. Myself or one of my team members will contact you within 24 hours can discuss next steps

What do we need?

  • Your Instagram password and permission to access it
  • You decision on which level you'd like to go for

Please note: we do not identify and remove followers manually and use a software. The software we use has it's limitations like not being able to see who has viewed your story and who actively engages with you via direct messages. Even though this process is not against Instagram policies we will not be liable if you were to get banned (don't worry though, this is has never happened before and I've been doing this for 4 years +)



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