What softwares and apps I use

Everyone asks me what I use to make my videos. Prepared to be spoilt because, I'm about to name every single one and tell you exactly how I use each one.

Adobe Premier Pro

I'm a big fan of the Adobe suite so you'll see a lot of their products on this list. Premier Pro is meant to be used as a glorified movie maker. I just use it because it's very easy to add captions (subtitles). That literally the only thing I use it for at the moment - maybe later on I'll discover more ways to be creative with it.

Adobe InDesign

Got a lot of love for InDesign. I used to use it to typeset books (I did a bit of typesetting before). Turns out that if you want to be creative with text, this is the best thing you can use. So I use InDesign to make quotes. I feel it's the easiest software to "mass produce" quotes. I make around 30 at a time and then schedule them.

Adobe After Effects

The skill cap on this is just unbelievable. If you can master this software, you'll be editing videos and creating special effects like no tomorrow. I use it to create little animations like the loading bar to show the progression time of my videos. Most importantly, I use this to create my kinetic typography type posts - where words are flying around in sync with my voice. I won't lie to you, I do get pissed when someone asks me "hey what app did you use for this" because it takes me 2-3 hours to create animations like that - but now you know! :)

Adobe Photoshop

Not going to even introduce this software because it's probably the most popular program out there. I will confess though, that sometimes I use this even when I should be using Illustrator. For example, I make my logos in these when I should be using Illustrator. I have never used this to actually edit photos, although it comes in handy to edit RAW photos when importing from my DSLR Cam. I haven't yet used this for my Instagram though, just the logo.


Had an argument with my friend Zaid the other day about how good Buffer actually is. It's one of the biggest Instagram scheduling apps. You can have it on your computer and a version on your phone, and it literally syncs everywhere. It let's you schedule your posts so you don't have to worry about it on the day. Imagine if you're travelling or want to be accurately consistent on what times you post, Buffer is a life saver. 

Coming back to the argument with Zaid. He says Buffer is basically shit because it's such a big company, it has to follow Instagram regulations, and guess what, he won the argument. He changed my mind about Buffer, because until recently, they didn't automatically post for you on your Instagram, instead they gave you a notification (alarm) on your phone which prompted you to post.

I am leaving Buffer now too because they charge £90 a year and, I feel I can get more value from the software Zaid uses. I recommend trying out Buffer, but if you want to listen to me then, forget Buffer, find a smaller company which gives you the exact same for a lot less. Google: Buffer alternatives.

Repost App

This is the app you use to steal a video post from an account. Don't feel bad doing it though, because they most probably stole it from another account. It's completely acceptable to do this as long as you credit the original creator. I do this quite a bit for my clients who have meme accounts or accounts that curate content like @dailycatvids and @rollabazaar

Buffer has a repost option too but, I find using this app is really easy. It does what it says, nothing more nothing less.

Ins Track App

Used to be an app that tells you who's unfollowed you, but Instagram changed their policies and ruined the fun. Now it's just a really good analytics app. I use it to see stats that Instagram won't tell me. Like likes per post average and top followers. It has a scheduler option too which I've never used. Worth a shot.

Cleaner App

You're going to have a love hate relationship with this app, because not only does it help you unfollow people who aren't following you back, it also help's you remove followers. Yes, you heard me right! Reduce your followers! Why? Because you have probably used Instagram for a very long time and people change. Maybe they quit Instagram without telling you (how dare they) or maybe they follow you and just don't give a shit about what you post. This app will help you find people who aren't engaging with you and then it will help you get rid of them. I've used this for years and recently used it to reduce my following form 3.5k to 400. I also use it to help clients better their follower/following ratio.

CutStory App

Nice and easy; it chops your long videos into smaller chunks so you can upload to story. Simple and very useful.


Note: These are apps and softwares that I am using at this moment. I will most probably update this list as I find more.

Sorry, not sorry, if this list has disappointed you. I like spending time and effort on my content and some of the softwares I use aren't cheap, easy or quick :(


No words mahn just loving it.

Sohail Sayed October 18, 2019

This is really helpful, thank you so much.

Queenideas February 22, 2019

Never realky tried any app for insights, and the follower/unfollower thing but I think I should try this out. Loved the instagram apps collection.

Thanks, Asad for always sharing what’s working for you.

Arfa July 22, 2018

I’m an illustrator, and for a while was thinking to learn how to use premier pro and aftereffects. I guess now is the time!

Heba Rizvi July 17, 2018

I’m an illustrator, and for a while was thinking to learn how to use premier pro and aftereffects. I guess now is the time!

Heba Rizvi July 17, 2018

Finally, i read a lot from you and couldn’t resist myself from commenting. ♥ Great work Asad bhai keep it up.

Asad Naeem July 17, 2018

Actually Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects and Photoshop is enough to run your Blog Successfully without Lag..

Shashaank Reddy July 16, 2018

Your works have no words to describe …u r extra talented man..keep growing

Tatsat July 16, 2018

Thankew Bro

Aditya July 05, 2018

Very nice content. Its very useful.

Pinkal Shah July 01, 2018

Very good application’s. Most of them will prove to be very useful.

Tushar May 12, 2018

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