Types of Instagram Photos

Ever run out of ideas of what photo to post on Instagram? By the time you finish reading this post, you will never have this problem again. Here are a 10 different types of photos you can take for your Instagram. Note: Instagram accounts grow when they give value, and it's much easier to provide value using videos.

Full body

This type has 3 different variants. Mostly used to show off the outfit of the day (#ootd) 

  1. Candid photos
    Candit photos are photos that are informal. The model is normally doing an everyday action within the photo, and pretend that the camera isn't there. The best candid photos are when the person photographed actually has no idea that the photo is being took.

    candid walking man

  2. Posed OOTD photo
    Simple, pose for the camera with a nice pose. This is different to style 1 because there is nothing candit about this. You're full on pretending to be a model 

  3. Cropped Full Body Shot
    Exactly the same as number 2 except, you don't have to worry about you hair or make up looking on point, because you'll use this style to focus purely on the outfit by cropping the head out

    cropped full body


This stands for point of view and shows what the person can see. Think of it like a first person shooter game. You can see hands and body parts but can't see your own face. There are 2 variants to this style

  1. Environment POV
    The scene in front of you might be beautiful or it might not be attractive to you because you see it everyday. Remember a rainy day in England will look beautiful to a lot of people on the other side of the hemisphere who don't see a lot of rain, and a hectic Indian street will definitely look interesting to a British person who doesn't get to see a lot of sun. You can take a photo of the environment if you like, but to make it a POV, add your hand or a prop. This makes the photo look more personal

    environment pov

  2. Outfit POV
    This is a mix of the previous style and this one. It's a point of view of your own outfit

    outfit pov


A photo that someone takes of them self. Usually using the front facing camera. There are many ways to take a selfie, but I am only going to split it into 3 variants

  1. Standard Selfie
    This doesn't need an explanation does it. It's a photo someone takes of them self. Usually using the front facing camera on a phone

    the rock selfie

  2. Third Person Selfie
    This is where you take a selfie but, push the focus of the photo towards something in the background

    3rd person selfie

  3. Candid Selfie
    Same as taking a selfie but, also pretending like the camera isn't there and the photo isn't really being took (even though you'll be taking the photo yourself lol)




This style is useful for taking photos of small objects

  1. Overhead Flat-lay
    If you master this style, it will really "up" your Instagram feed game. Lay objects you wish to photograph on a plain surface and take a photo from the top, about 0.5m - 1m away

    flat lay

  2. Angle Flat-lay
    This is for objects that can't really be laid and are quite tall. Instead of taking the photo from the top, take the photo at an angle and play around with field of depth to really focus the objects. 

    angle lay


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