Shadowban is a Myth

What I am going to say is going to be hard to hear so if you aren’t someone that can take the truth then you might as well stop reading
Shadow ban is term made up by bad content creators. It’s when they post something on their Instagram and it doesn’t perform as well as they would have thought. Now instead of reevaluating their content strategy or working on improvements, they will blame an unknown mythical dark force called shadow ban for not showing their content to other Instagramers. 

I promise you, it’s not the mythical dark force, it’s your content. It’s not as good as you think.

When it comes to business, no matter how much you love your product, it’s the market that decides how good it is, and if they want to buy it. Some goes for Instagram. No matter how expensive the equipment you use, no matter how much effort and time you put in, no matter how many hashtags you use, if the content consumers don’t like it, then it’s not good content. Simple.

So if it’s not shadow ban then why isn’t your content getting engagement?

Allow me to explain the different types of followers. I have 20k at the moment but they’re not all exactly the same as each other. Some like my posts more than others.

Its instagram’s job, to make the app fun to use so they make sure that when ever someone logs in to instagram, they see a feed that is tailored to their previous browsing and liking history.

That might have sounded confusing so, feel free to rewind and read that sentence again. It’s important

The feed is different for everyone. Not just the home feed either, the stories, hashtag stories, IGTV and the explore page too. Instagram tracks your every move when you’re browsing and it creates an invisible list of accounts in order of how much you engage with their content. 

Now when that top account posts something, it doesn’t matter where they post, story or feed, you’ll see their post before anyone else’s post.

And at the same time, you’re also following some accounts that you don’t really engage with anymore because, recently,  their posts have been boring, so you’ve been scrolling past. Instagram knows this and when this account posts something, Instagram is going to show you their post last. 

That’s the algorithm. Instagram just trying to show you posts in this order: posts that you like, posts that have been posted recently, and then, right at the end, after everything else, posts that you don’t usually engage with.

Dear content creator, you need to aim to be at the top of this invisible list by creating awesome content. If your content isn’t good then you will just get bumped down the list.

Here are a few questions you might have and I have answered them in Q & A form:

Why am I not showing up in hashtags?

Because your content sucks and other posts are getting priority. Or you probably are getting views but not from the account you used to check. The hashtag stories are different for everyone. Some might see your posts and other won’t.

How do I get up the list?

Post better content. Try to post at the right time because even bad posts will get some priority over other bad posts if they are posted at the right time. Consumers will see recent bad posts, before bad posts posted a day ago.
Also try to push engagement in the first few mins of posting so Instagram knows that this is a good post. If the post doesn’t get past a certain amount of views in the first hour or so, then you’ll get bumped down the list

What is good content?

No idea I am trying to figure this out daily. Everyday the definition changes. Creating content isn’t a science, it is more like an art. You need to know the marketing basics, and then go into creative mode. Experiment and do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t work. Note: because creating content is an art, you will either have it, or you won’t. The best thing you can do is find something that you’re actually good at and get better at it, instead of trying to get good at something you aren’t good at all. Somethings are just DNA


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