More followers quest: 20.8k followers

I'm starting a quest to grow my following again. This is the first post in the series. The theme today is "How to revive an Instagram account"

Performance Indicator Stats today Growth in 7 days
Followers 20,824  -98
Profile visits 485 -185
Website clicks 8 -4
Reach 6,096 -3,823


If you rely on Instagram for a living then you will know how important it is to post consistently. For some reason, you have to post “day in day out” or else your growth starts to take a hit. So, if, for some unknown reason you do decide to take a break, then how the hell do you revive an account?

You know me, I love experiments. And if you don’t know me yet then you should know that I’m the type of person that get’s like 4 different ideas a minute and I love theorising about business and marketing. Having said that, I promise that if I ever come up with a theory, I’m going to test it. I’m going to practice what I preach.

Today, my theory is simple:

If there is an Instagram account with a following of more than 10k but the account has been inactive for a while; it will be able to get back to it’s original glory if it starts to do two things:

  1. Post daily
  2. Purposefully distribute content

That’s the theory, will it work? Let’s find out together. Let’s use my account to experiment on. 

I have been inactive for a while. Before I used to reach anywhere from 100k to 600k people a month but last month I barely reached 6k. Let’s average that to 250k and by using just the 2 steps above, let’s see how long it takes me to reach that number again.

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