Instagram growth quest: 20.7k

This is just an update into my Instagram growth quest. For the last few days I have been scheming and planning and strategising; I have finally made the decision on what I am going to do next. Ads.

Last time I got to 10k in 10 weeks. Once I hit that number I kind of let go of my growth. It wasn't that important for me anymore. It's great to go from 0 to 10k but then going form 10k to 20k wasn't that glamorous. The best thing I could aim for now will be the 100k mark. That is the next big checkpoint

Here are my stats today (7th Oct 2019). These are important because at this point - I haven't ran any ads and this is all organic

Performance Indicator Stats today Growth in 11 days
Followers 20,700  -124
Profile visits 1,086 +595
Website clicks 19 +11
Reach 10,710 +4,614


Obviously I still have some work to do but as you can see - by just posting daily, my Profile Visits, Website Clicks and Reach doubled. My followers still didn't grow. More people unfollowed me than followed. This is an indicator of 2 things.

  1. People are getting bored of my content and I haven't innovated in a while
  2. My content is not good enough

Notice how both things had something to do with me. My content. Nothing to do with Instagram and it's algorithms. Nothing to do with Shadow Ban

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