How to post on Reels (Instagram)

Reels is Instagram's new feature that is probably going to destroy TikTok. Same way Instagram stories destroyed Snapchat few years ago



How to post on Instagram Reels:

Step 1

From your Instagram profile, click on the "home" icon



Step 2

Now click on the camera icon


Step 3

If Reels is available in your country, you'll see it at the bottom with your other camera modes :)


If you don't see Reels here don't worry. Instagram usually takes it's time rolling out new features across the world



How to post on Reels (Instagram) – Asad

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Hey asad as i look your feed and post on instagram its really appreciating and too gud as what i guess is that you know more features of instagram than zukeberg🤣
Actually i am facing problem in my instagram.since 5 days as i am not able to send and receive msg from my friends which really dusturbing me not even tag a person i do all the formalities regarding to solve this issue reported 40 times to instagram but no response will you help me out?

Shivangi singh August 07, 2020

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