How to increase engagement

Do you have 1000, 10,000, 50,000 followers but they’re not engaging, they’re not liking your posts, and they arent commenting? I want to go through how to fix this and how hashtags could be the reason this is happening

How much engagement should I have?

Your followers should be liking your posts, but not all of them. You can’t expect all of your followers to engage every time you post something. Majority of them won’t and that’s ok. You should only expect around 5-10% depending on the size of your account. If you have more than 100k followers, then you can even get away with less than that. The problem is; if you have 5000 followers and are only getting 50 - 100 likes. That’s bad

2 reasons for bad engagement ratio

There are only 2 reasons this could be happening.

  1. You have had instagram for a very long time. This means you’ve been growing for years. Back when you started, you didn’t have much competition. The bar for what is to be considered good content was a lot lower. If you chose a niche and kept posting about it regularly, you would have at least a million followers right now. The thing is, you might love Instagram, but people get bored, specially if you don’t innovate and improve your content.

    Or you know what, they might not even be bored of your account but just Instagram in general. Maybe your follower just deleted the app without deactivating. A lot of people do that and over time it really builds up. You might have 1000’s of people following you, and they don’t even have the Instagram app installed

  2. Maybe you have fake followers. Maybe you have fake followers without even knowing. If you use hashtags on your posts, you’re setting your self up as a target for people who use softwares to automatically like, comment, and follow accounts.

    Im sorry to burst your bubble but, if you posted a selfie and slapped the caption with 30 of the biggest hashtags. And then a model with 45,000 followers liked that post, commented something stupid like “Awesome” and then followed. You just experienced automation.

    You’ll follow that person back. Obviously you would. The sad thing is, that person is your follower now and it’s not because you posted good content. Try messaging that account. I bet that person doesn’t even know that you exist.

    There is only 1 thing worst that getting fake followers without knowing. And that is, getting fake followers on purpose. By fake followers I mean getting followers using a third party app. That could mean real people who follow you for some in-app currency. I don’t care if they’re real. If they followed your Instagram account by any other means except, organically bumping into it because you engaged with them, or the algorithm blessed you by putting your post in their explore page, they’re fake.



Let me tell you how to fix this. And you might not like it. By having followers who are inactive, the algorithm can’t use it’s formula to give you organic growth. It needs to look at what your followers are liking to be able to target the right people and put your account in front of them.

The solution is, to get rid of the followers who don’t care about your content.

Yes you’ll go down from 1000’s to having 100’s. But it will give the algorithm a chance to reset and start helping you grow. Nothing beats real followers. If you have real attention, you can start to make some serious cash or even make a difference in the world.


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Maskboy_90 June 07, 2021

You are amazing.I really enjoy seeing your post cause it helps me improving everyday. I remember one of your post featured me in, you told that you cant judge my profile as I don’t have content in it. So from the next day i am trying to improve everyday and slowly I will surely. Just wanted to say thankyou

Divyansh bamb August 20, 2019

Asd bro just tell me How to increase The Follwers and Blue tick

Furqan Zafar February 22, 2019

Sir I have been started page frm 6 months I’m facing prlm with views and followrz and also facing a prlm by the unfollwers daily pls do needful for this issue

Karunada_dub_talents September 05, 2018

PlZzz blue tick put on my insa account

Hussnain Asghar June 18, 2018

Sir how can I get sponsored for y instagram account

Aryaa007 June 18, 2018

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