Course summary: 10k in 10 weeks

Please note: this 'how-to' guide is free for a limited time because, I am still writing it. It will take me some time to complete and at that point I will most likely use it as a skeleton for my book and hide it from the public. So enjoy it while you can!

This is a how-to guide which - if you're efficient at following instructions - will help you get 10,000 followers within 10 weeks. It works in 5-phases.

The whole strategy is based on the following formula: Content + Distribution = Followers. All we're trying to do is create 'thumb stopping' content and send millions of people to that content. The people going to that content have to be cleverly targeted so we know they're going to be interested in that content before we spend money on sending them there

To make this easier to understand, I am going to go through all of the phases backwards because, that is how someone deciding to follow you will experience it.

Phase 5 - Tell Instagram to show your profile to people that are similar to your followers

That sentence was a mouthful. Let me break it down. Instagram has this algorithm that works based on billions of data points. The algorithm is so clever, it already knows what's going to interest you weeks from now. Which is why some people actually believe Instagram and Facebook is listening in on their calls. They aren't.

The algorithm is genius at predicting, and unfortunately, no matter how unique you think you are - you aren't. Billions of people use Meta companies (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp) and Instagram's algorithm has already met thousands of people exactly like you. For example: It knows that if you like this post and then watch this story for 5 secs before quitting IG - then you're going to get a teeth whitening kit in 3 weeks. Algorithm knows scary things like this because it's looked at millions of data points. It's already met millions of people that liked a similar post and watched a similar story. And the algorithm knows that out of the million people, 87% then followed up with a teeth whitening purchase.

We want the algorithm on our side. We're not going to get used by the algorithm, we're going to use the same tools that created the algorithm. 

Let me say that again

We don't care about the algorithm. We care about the data and we're going to make our own mini algorithm that works for us

We want to tell Instagram to make a list of people already engaging with our profile in the last 365 days. We need at least 1,000 engagements. An engagement is a comment, a like, profile visit, follow etc... When Instagram has curated this list of 1,000 people for us (it will be more if your account is bigger) we want to tell Instagram to look at all of the users using instagram and put them in order of who is most likely to engage with our Instagram profile. 

Now this is where the magic happens. When Instagram has rearranged everyone that's using the platform in order of 'most likely to follow' to 'least likely to follow', we want to tell instagram to show our content to the top 10% of that list only. We don't care about the bottom 90%

There are more than 2 billion people using Instagram every single month. And if 10% of those people - who are most likely to follow you based on the powerful algorithm - decide to follow you, you're going to have 13 times more followers than Kanye West and nearly 3 times more followers than David Beckham

Phase 5 Notes:

  1. Due to data protection laws, Instagram won't actually reveal details of who the people in your list are. The only thing you can see is how many people in a list and the parameters of how the list is created
  2. We need at least 1,000 engagement for this to work
  3. This is because Meta needs data. It can't survive without data
  4. This will only work if in the next phases you make sure that the engagements you're getting are actually authentic
  5. Do not buy followers, likes, views
  6. If you've bought fake followers or engagements in the past, delete your account and start again. You messed up
  7. If you don't want to delete your account then at least get 1,000 real engagements over the next few months

Phase 4 - Unskippable Ad Creative & Content

We're no longer going to make content ever again. From this day forth we're only going to make ad creatives. Every single post, reel, carousel, story - whatever it is. It's going to be an ad. An ad that promotes your profile.

Everyone and their nan is making content right now and they're distributing it everywhere. There used to be a time where someone making a "how-to" video would get them thousands of followers and fans. But now, with nearly 5 billion people on social media, what ever "how-to" video you're thinking of making is probably already made or no one wants to see it. So the only chance we have at making it is to be the first.

There are millions of Instagram coaches, some with bigger followings than me. But you're here reading my joke of an English article because I got to you first. And by first I don't mean I'm the first Instagram tips and tricks guy you've bumped into, I mean I'm the first today to make you feel like I might be able to fix your problem. (And I will, don't worry)

The key is to be someone who fixes problems. That's the only thing that's going to make you stand out from the rest of the experts in your industry. While everyone else is shouting out solutions and giving unwarranted advice, you're going to start every single one of your posts with a hook + pain. You're going to skip the solution and jump straight to why they want the solutions fixed and how great their life will be once their solutions are fixed. Then, after you've held out the solution and made them wait till the mid part of your video, you'll give them what they want. 

Here is how your post might be structured:

First 2 secs: Hook
The main aim of the hook is to stop thumbs. Not to give tips, not to tell them what's in the video, not to do anything except the most dramatic and eye-catching thing ever. And please for the love of God do not start your post by saying "Hi guys today I would like to talk about" NO. Please no. You want to be as 'click-baity' as possible. Have a clear, eye catching title 

NO: "hey guys today I would like to talk about the 3 ways my cat likes to meow"

NO: "How to be a content creator"
YES: "5 tips for content creators. I bet you didn't know #3"

NO: "iPhone back-tap button"
YES: "Secret iPhone button Apple doesn't tell you about"

These sound like cheesy magazine article titles. That's because they are. Article copywriters for magazines are the most well paid copywriters on Earth. Because they can conjure up combination of words that just sell. That's what we want to do. We want to sell our content and we want to sell our profile

3-5 secs after hook: The pain
You've got to be fixing some sort of problem with your content right? Or are you still 'documenting your journey' lol

Documenting your journey is fine just don't expect it to get you any profile views or followers. It's perfect for practicing. If you document your journey you'll learn how to speak into the camera and how to be charismatic

You're either going to make content to teach something or you're going to make content to entertain someone. If you don't fall under one of the two then there is something wrong. Please DM me and explain to me how you don't categorise under one of these

If you're an entertainer please read the notes of phase 4 below

If you're an educator/problem fixer then this is the time to talk about the pain of your audience. For example, I will talk about how it feels to post something to only get 50 likes. How it feels to create content everyday only for a handful of people to consume. How it feels to watch your competitors with similar services to you (if not worse) grow quicker than you and get more customers

6-10 secs: The dream
This is simply the opposite of the pain. For example an aesthetics specialist would say something like "Turn heads as you walk down the street" or "Get the confidence to have a good conversation with anyone you meet"

Every post will have a different sprinkle of dream in there

Rest of the video: Provide the value
Give the tips or strategies you wanted to give. Because you've listed the pains and the dreams you will be much more trust worthy. And even if the content consumer doesn't completely trust you, they will at least know that you understand their problem. It's a fantastic position to be in.

Funny thing is, you don't even need to fix all of the problems you listen earlier in the video. You don't even need to talk about the same things as you mentioned in the hook. If you said "talking cat" and the cat just blinks or scratches instead of saying meow, then no one will start reporting your content. The hook grabbed their attention. As long as your content is still valuable, we're good!

Last 3 secs: Call to action
Tell the person watching your video to follow you for more. That's it. It doesn't need to be animated or edited in a super fancy way. You cannot miss this step.


Phase 4 Notes:

  1. If you're an entertainer then this method will still work for you. You're going to just have to cut out the things entertainers don't do. For example, if you're an artist then you won't really be fixing a problem or talking about how life is going got be good after they listen to their music. You'll know best what to cut and what to implement in your art
  2. The hook is for grabbing attention and your video doesn't have to follow through with what you put in the title but, it can't be completely different. You can't say "OMG LOOK AT THIS CAT MURDERER" and then proceed to talk about makeup
  3. The hook needs to grab the attention of people who would be interested in your content if they just stopped scrolling
  4. It's a skill to be able to list pain points and dreams without sounding like a TV commercial. "Do you suffer from back pain?". Practice makes perfect and soon you'll be able to do it casually




Phase 3 - 

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Phase 2 - 

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Phase 1 -

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